About Me

Hi I’m Rhiannon, I’m a Pilates and Yoga teacher from the north east of England. I free-lance all around Teesside teaching and sharing my love for movement which means I get to do what I love which is creating and sharing different practices for all the different groups and Individuals I teach.

My Personal Story

Where did it all begin? I would have to say from when my mum took me to my very first ballet class and I haven’t looked back. I have done various styles of dance through my time but must say my love and passion is ballet and contemporary and dance theatre. I have been teaching some sort of movement for over 18 years, whether it is dance, Pilates or yoga. I have a BA hons degree and MA degree in contemporary dance, along with my teaching certificates in Pilates from Body Control and my trainee teacher credits in yoga.

I have a little venture called The Gifted Dancers which is where I am selling dance, Pilates and yoga related gifts and apparel.

I have come to learn very recently that my outlook on life was all backwards and really unhealthy. I come from an extremely hard working family, who believe in doing what makes you happy is more important than being financially. Yes I am a workaholic and I make my self ill from over working and I do feel guilty for taking time off, but it is something I am working on. Life is far to short. I am devoting my time and energy it what truly makes me happy and surrounding my self with the people that make me happy. Life is precious.

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